Welcome to the Sensible Centre!

Mark Hoath is your Podcaster and I aim to discuss topical Political, Social and Economic with an Australian focus, but many of these issues are also relevant around the world.

I am a 52yo white privileged male, living in Byron Bay, Australia. I have an Arts Degree from the University of Melbourne, with majors in Economics, Psychology and Computer Science. I have a Masters in Immigration Law and I’m currently studying a Masters in Business Leadership at AFTRS (which I describe as an MBA in Film).

I have worked in Computing, Sales, Telecommunications, HR, Migration and Film/TV Production. For the past 10ish years I have been regularly bombarding my Facebook friends with random pieces of knowledge and taking the spin out of politics, explaining economic principles in layman’s terms and researching issues and providing facts and explanations, to engage those with less time (or interest) than myself. I’ve succumbed to the pressure and started this Podcast series. 

Politically I am a Centralist, and I’ve voted for Hawke, Keating, Howard, Turnbull and Albanese, I have no current affiliations with a political party, although I have been a Liberal Party member and I’m ineligible to run for parliament, as I have dual citizenship. As an employer, I can’t join the Australian Labor Party as I do not believe in their pledge to employ Union Labour (if that is still a requirement).

The aim is to provide unbiased information, based on theories and facts, regardless of the politics.

I’m planning to release a Podcast twice weekly, on Monday and Thursday at 7am, so anyone wanting a morning podcast on the way to work, enjoy!

Monday will be an opinion piece that I will simply produce on a topic of my choosing.

On Monday night at 8pm, I will hold a chat session on my Discord Channel, firstly to discuss and answer any questions relating to the mornings Podcast and secondly to put to a vote, what topics, you my listeners want to hear about. I will then research and produce that Podcast for Thursday, doing my regular presentation and answering your questions in the process.

Access to the Discord Channel is only available to Patrons of the Podcast. Official Patrons can access the Discord Channel in a read-only manner, All-Access Patrons can contribute to the Discord Channel and VIP Patrons will be able to join in for special panel discussions (which will be edited to be included in Podcast).