The Last Supper

The Last Supper was an Indie movie from 1985, starring Cameron Diaz, Jason Alexander and Mark Harmon (amongst others). Its a pretty good movie (Spoilers Below)!

It’s based on the premise that rather than time-travelling back to kill the likes of Hitler, you could simply rationalise with a youthful version to stop the atrocities his future self would commit.

The students then invite a series of characters with (generally) extreme right wing views to their share home for a meal to discuss various issues, at the end of the meal, the students decide whether or not they have changed the evil way of their guest, and if they have, they drink a celebratory white wine, otherwise, they pour the guest a poisoned red wine and bury them in the back garden.

So when we get to 100 subscribers, I will start approaching various federal or state political members to discuss relevant issues with their portfolio, and at the end of the Podcast, the subscribers, via the Discord Channel will be able to vote on whether we have successfully swayed our guest and give them a virtual white wine or if we have failed and give them a virtual red wine!

These discussions are meant to be light hearted and fun!